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  • Shelani Edward

    Our experience with the Nursery is very impressive. The staff is very friendly and caring towards children. Clean and happy environment. We are happy with the steps the management has taken for distance learning during this pandemic.

  • Shehan Rodrigo

    My daughter started attending Bethany Nursery at the beginning of this year after being at different Nursery. We have seen the change in her behavior and her learning improved greatly. We always find the teachers, pleasant and extremely helpful. They made us feel welcome as they are approachable and easy to talk too. We have always been happy with everything and we have seen many improvements with the teaching techniques in the months passed by. We feel it’s home from home environment where the staff are caring and give cuddles. They helped the children to settle easily.

  • Sandareka Kurera

    Bethany Nursery is the best Nursery in Negombo. For example, these days, the Bethany Nursery administration can be appreciated the steps taken regarding the children's education. Their e-learning program is excellent.

  • WiDu Welgama

    Though my kids are small it was a new experience for them to follow their elder sister and do online classes. This helped them to keep them busy and continue with their studies. Thank you Bethany for making this possible and for bringing kids' education for a innovative higher level.

  • Sumeiha Khan

    Best Nursery in Negombo
    They do there best to the kids

  • M Siraj Ashraff

    The very best school in Negombo. very caring for children. best of luck Bethany

  • Rizna Siraj

    Best Nursery in Negombo area

  • Dilrukshan Figurado

    The best Nursery in Negombo if not Gampaha district.

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